Book Reviews


Arlene Sherman calls this her Recovery Coach in a Box!



"Arlene Sherman has written an exceptional book about a serious epidemic. She lays out her principles of treatment in easy to understand, emotionally powerful terms. There are few Recovery Coaches who have her experience. I recommend the book to anyone who is an addict, and anyone who has a friend or family member who continues to struggle with addiction."

- Susan M.



"The truth is, everyone is addicted to something. For me, it's donuts. But having a donut or two is not going to kill me. Unfortunately, just about everyone knows or has known someone with a life threatening addiction. The principles in Ms. Sherman's book, chapter after chapter, are applicable to any addiction. In Chapter Seven one learns to ask "the most important question in the world". This one question is so simple, but profound. The chapters are short, memorable and to the point. Tuck the messages in the back of your mind or write them on a Post-it. Not everyone can have Ms. Sherman as a recovery coach, so this book should be in every purse and backpack that leaves rehab."

- Elizabeth H.




"Arlene J .Sherman has written a very unusual book--The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery. It is unusual in that though its title would suggest appeal to a specific audience, it does much more. For those readers not directly involved as a result of his/her addiction or by being family of one who is suffering through this horrendous epidemic, there are many helpful suggestions which can easily be applied to "non addictive" lives. This book would be a worthwhile addition to the personal library of any and all who care."

- Claire L.


"I am not an addict but I live with one. This book gave me insight into my world and opened my eyes to his. It revealed so many facets I never thought of and enabled me to grasp the complexities of what is truly going on. An easy read with a smooth conversational style, the author has really gotten to the core of the matter. This book will not only help addicts but, as I can attest, it will help those who have them in our lives. A must read for sure."

- Francesca C.



"Inspirational. I never felt like I was reading, rather I felt as if I was having a conversation with a trusted friend and 'coach' who truly understood the challenge. Sherman's insight and manner of writing opened my eyes in ways i've never experienced. If you, a friend or a loved-one struggle with putting addiction permanently behind.....this is a MUST READ! Thank you!"

- Burt M.

"This book was very helpful with my internship at my job. It gave me a different prospective regarding addiction. I will use this book as a reference in many years to come! Thank you Arlene for your knowledge and wisdom for sharing!"

- A. Montella


"An awesome book. Arlene Sherman has such a powerful way of sharing this information. Anyone with an addiction or has a friend or loved one with an addiction can benefit very much from her no nonsense ,easy to read approach." The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery " is a powerful book full of useful strategies for recovery."

- Michelle C.



"Whether it is you or a loved one who is battling addiction, “The Real Dope on Addiction and Recovery” is a must read. The book is a practical guide to overcoming addiction of any kind. Arlene Sherman uses a straightforward approach that serves as a foundation for successful recovery. I highly recommend this book."

- Stacey W.



"For any person that may have an addiction this is a must read if they want to solve their addiction. The title of the book - "The real dope on addiction and recovery" says it all. Great book."

- Terry M.





"Book was very clear and to the point. A good read without getting bogged down. Highly recommend it and hope there may be sequels"

- Chester M.