This. Has. To. Stop!

Drug overdose deaths in 1999
Drug overdose deaths in 2017

“Drug overdose deaths rose from 16,849 in 1999 to 70,237 in 2017” (Source: CDC WONDER)

Hello Recovery Friends: I have started a blog. There is a counter there showing one by one the overdose deaths in 2017 I want each one of you to join until we have that amount of us standing for those that no longer stand for themselves. When that number is reached ( and although it sounds really impossible, but I know we can get there) once that happens we will be a force to be reckoned with.

I have ideas to roll out about what can be done, but first things first! Join! Enough!


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Whether you are already in recovery or still looking for a way out, you will find that my tips and techniques will help you. I know the way out and have helped countless others find success in their journey.

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Heartbreaking Celebrity Overdose Deaths

Corey Monteith
31 Years Old

Jim Morrison
27 Years Old

Philip Seymour Hoffman
46 Years Old

Peaches Geldof
25 Years Old

Whitney Houston
49 Years Old

Elvis Presley
42 Years Old

Judy Garland
47 Years Old

River Phoenix
23 Years Old
Cocaine & Morphine

Mitch Hedberg
37 Years Old

Ike Turner
70 Years Old

Health Ledger
28 Years Old

Marilyn Monroe
36 Years Old

Jimi Hendrix
27 Years Old

Chris Farley
33 Years Old
Heroin & Cocaine

Lenny Bruce
40 Years Old

Anna Nicole Smith
39 Years Old
Combination RX

Brad Renfro
25 Years Old

Amy Winehouse
27 Years Old

John Belushi
33 Years Old
Heroin & Cocaine

Jackson Odell 
20 Years Old
Heroin & Cocaine

Art Bell 
72 Years Old
Oxycodone & Hydrocodone

“Lil Peep” Gustav Elijah Åhr
21 Years Old
Fentanyl & Alprazolam

Tom Petty
66 Years Old
Fentanyl & Oxycodone

Mac Miller
26 Years Old
Fentanyl, Cocaine & Ethanol

Prince Rogers Nelson “Prince”
57 Years Old

Bobbi Kristina Brown
22 Years Old
Marijuana, Alcohol & Anti-Anxiety Meds

Amanda Peterson
43 Years Old

Scott Weiland
48 Years Old
Cocaine & Ethanol

Tyler Sash
27 Years Old
Hydrocodone & Methadone

Tommy Hanson
29 Years Old
Cocaine & Alcohol