I Am Your Recovery Coach

You’re addicted…You need a plan…You need a coach…

You are about to go to rehab, or maybe you’ve already been to rehab. Maybe you have been to rehab multiple times. You are trying to get your life back and we know recovery is not a walk in the park, but we also know it can be done. While rehab is great, and halfway houses are great and sponsors are great and meetings are great, the truth is 70% to 80% of the time It does not work. Sad but true.

Research has shown that a good aftercare program ups the odds in your favor about 40%. Not perfect, but hey, we’ll take whatever we can get. I do not offer these services in place of any existing help you now receive such as additional rehabs, therapists, sponsors and meetings…rather, this is a very important addition.

I am a Recovery Coach. That means I offer a critical dimension in assisting you to maintain a life in recovery. My management plan and coaching are uniquely tailored to who you are and where you are in your recovery. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ program…not by a long shot. This is all about you and no one but you.

After your enrollment, we start with our unique 48 item questionnaire…the first step toward building a plan exclusive to the individual that you are. You already know that there are going to be inevitable exposures to relapse triggers and that addiction does not go away. Recovery has to be a way of life…a good way of life. No one ever said that relapse is a better life than recovery.

If this is the right time for you, work with me to help make your recovery lasting. Because the threat of relapse is huge, together we create coping strategies to help you tackle the triggers before they tackle you. Every success needs a plan, whether you are an army, a football team, whatever…you need a plan. You need a coach. Call now. Right now.

I have earned my certificate in Recovery Management and Recovery Coaching. Currently I am on staff at three well know rehab facilities in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. All sessions are by telephone so it does not matter where you live…we can work together on your recovery plan. I have had hundreds of one on one sessions with wonderful people just like you in all stages of their recovery. I am experienced, passionate, dedicated and devoted to helping you through the most important thing you will ever do.

Because nothing is more important than your recovery. Nothing!

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