Addicted people who go to a treatment program voluntarily have said the magic word; they just don’t know it. When I point it out to them, they have indeed said the magic word, they all agree. So what is this magic word? The magic word is enough! Once you say enough and really mean it, then enough is enough. Think back on your life; whenever you have said enough about anything, well then, enough was enough. Out with the old, in with the new.

Have you had enough? If you are the addict who is reading this, then you know how enough feels. Enough dope sick. Enough lying. Enough stealing. Enough feeling bad, real bad. Enough, enough, enough.

Enough means you have had it up to here. Enough means you will not take it anymore. Enough means you cannot be bought, bribed, enticed, or fooled. Enough means you are ready. Whatever it takes, you are ready. Enough means you turn your back on that life of using. Enough means you do not associate with old places, old people, and any environment where drugs are used. Enough means you will never again care so little about your health, your happiness. Enough means you reclaim whatever dreams you may have lost. Enough is enough!

You would think that once you consciously say enough, it would be smooth sailing. Not so. Enough is just the beginning. But what a magnificent beginning. Enough is the door opener. You are the one that has to step inside and do the work. Yes, work.

Easy come, easy go. We’ve all heard that, and it is true. Those things that we accomplish that are the most difficult are the very things we cherish the most. Make no mistake. This is difficult. It is day work. Night work. It is good work. And it is rewarding beyond measure. You have the unique opportunity to save your own life. No one has ever said that a life in relapse is better than a life in recovery. No one. Ever.

The road has been paved for you. Many have gone before you and live in a lasting recovery. These are your new friends, your new community, your new life.

Enough is a magic word. It means stop! It brings change.