Well, are you? Have you had enough? Are you ready? You might be ready if you are starting to think that maybe, just maybe, it is time to go into treatment. Maybe you have been fired . . . again. Maybe your family has thrown you out. Maybe you are now homeless and scared, or maybe you are still getting away with using, but you are just tired of it all. Really tired.

Let’s get some questions answered.

Have you been contemplating going into a rehab?

Are you thinking of which rehab would work best for you?

Have you been wondering if you are covered by insurance?

Have you gone through an overdose and got scared, really scared?

Answering any of these questions can let you know if you are getting ready to get ready. It is a big decision because you are scared to stop using and scared to keep using. How will you cope, how will you feel, how will you be? You do not know the answers; all you know is you are starting to think maybe, just maybe.

This is how it starts. Your subconscious awareness that you need to stop, have to stop, want to stop, is finally moving the message into your conscious mind. The thought pops up more and more. Each time you use, you feel something besides high. You feel a little off. You are not having your usual good time. Something previously unknown is making itself known.
You start to think you don’t want to live this way anymore. Maybe, just maybe . . .

Finally, one fine day, you say, “OK, I am ready.” As soon as you say that and mean it, urgency will begin to find the right place for treatment.

Once you say “I am ready,” that is the moment you will have made the most critical decision you will ever make.

I am ready. Say that. You know you want to. I am ready. Your conscious mind has been waiting a long time to hear that. Say it, and feel the sense of relief. You’ve known for a long time that you had to stop. You were just waiting to be ready.

Everyone who contemplates coming into treatment is scared. Everyone wonders if it will work, if they will work. Everyone slowly, very slowly, starts to believe that maybe, just maybe . . .