It just stands to reason that as a coach, I would do locker-room pep talks!

That’s what coaches do!

Part of every session I do has an element of locker-room pep talk about it. Why? Because locker-room pep talks work, that’s why. Is there a sports team that does not get a pep talk before every single game? No, there isn’t. Wouldn’t you think that if they heard it once, that would be enough? Well, that is not the way we humans are constructed. We get distracted. We get overwhelmed. We get lazy. We get preoccupied. We need reminders. That is what a locker-room pep talk is: a reminder. A you can do it reminder.

My pep talks are all about reminding my clients that they have every single ingredient that anyone else has to stay in recovery. Additionally, they are reminded to take a quick look back at what using has brought them. A pep talk is about how capable they actually are. A pep talk about how smart they are. About how determined they are and how strong their desire is and has to be.

Pep talks happen because an opponent has to be faced. It does not matter if you are a football team, a sales person, a substance abuser—you need a pep talk. You need it from your coach, but better still, you need it from yourself.

Some people believe their pep talks come from a higher power. Some people believe it comes from within themselves. Some people believe it is a learned behavior. All are correct. Learn to give yourself pep talks. Tell yourself that you can. Tell yourself that you will. Make your goals realistic. Don’t project way into the future. One day at a time is all it takes. One day at a time is realistic. One day at a time works.

Pep talks are invigorating. Pep talks get you fired up. Pep talks remind you that you are strong and capable and that you can do whatever it is you have to do.

Acknowledge that you get distracted, overwhelmed, lazy, and preoccupied. Be certain that a good pep talk can get you going and keep you going. Remind yourself you can win. Winning happens only if you get in there and try.

Winning happens to those that are prepared and ready to try. Winning beats losing any day of the week. Recall a time in your life when you won. It can be something simple that you recall. The feeling of winning is one of the greatest feelings we experience.

You can feel this feeling every day. You win every day you are pumped up enough to stay clean. So go to meetings, call your sponsor. Call your coach. Pray and give yourself a pep talk every single day, champ.