Of course no one doubts that we possess an inner healer. What more proof is required than to watch the progression from a cut on your skin to the amazing growth of a scab to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the cut. And then finally, witnessing the total and complete restoration of perfect skin. We just take something like this for granted without a thought. But if you stop for just a moment to reflect on what has happened, you really should stand in awe. Since we are not physicians, we haven’t the foggiest idea of what really happens, but yet we can be amazed.

The same incredible healing goes on under the surface.

If you stop putting harmful chemicals into your body, self-repair capabilities start to do their job. So as soon as you stop . . . you start! Stop to start! But there is a healer even more awesome than you can imagine, and that is your mind. I refer now to the amazing placebo. For those of you who might not know what a placebo is, it is simply a sugar pill given to people who believe it is real medicine and then experience a measurable improvement in their condition.

As a hypnotist in practice for fourteen years, I can tell you the power of suggestion is remarkable in its ability to make changes in the lives of people. Although the placebo has been a topic of controversy throughout the years, it continues to have amazing results.
Placebo, in Latin means “I will please.” And I suppose it is pleasing to get well without an actual treatment. Obviously, the brain not only plays a big role in your health, but it can also play a big role even if it gets fooled into believing that a treatment is real when it is not.
Interestingly, in 2010 during a program in placebo studies at Harvard University, a placebo was given to people who suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The patients realized significant success, but here is the really interesting fact . . . they were told it was a placebo!

So what does all this mean to you, if you are the addict? It means a lot on two levels. Of course, to begin, this means you stop putting harmful chemicals into your body. So first, the incredible healing power of your mind and body start working to restore you to the level of physical health that is attainable. Second, you can help your brain to believe that restoration of your health is not only possible but achievable. You begin a regimen of positive self-talk. You start to program your incredible mind to instruct your inner healer to get going.

Your body wants to be healthy. Very often, our body communicates to us when something is wrong so we can put our attention where it needs to be. The communication can be a pain, a headache, a feeling of just something is not right, so we can take steps to aid our body back to health. Your body is where you live; where you experience life. It is your house. You wouldn’t burn down your house, would you?

So remind yourself of all the times you have had personal experience with your inner healer throughout your life. Get in touch with your inner healer by thinking correctly and nourishing yourself. Nourishment comes in many forms. Good food, clean living, exercising, positive thinking, an optimistic outlook about the future, and most of all, stopping the damaging behavior. All these things help.

Remember change brings change! Change.