“What my recovery coach meant to me. I can sum it down to four words- she saved my life. The tools she taught me have helped me become a better person, husband, father. After using for 33 years, I have learned to love myself. I control me, that saying has helped me so much. October 7 I will have 90 days clean and counting. Thank you Arlene Sherman you are truly an angel from God. You are my hero!”

All of my love,

Tony C.

“Arlene Sherman has helped me during a challenging time in my life. My recovery program began when the courts told me that I had to stop using cocaine, which opened my eyes, but being told that “I had to quit” made me dig in my heels. I did quit for some time, however, because I didn’t want it enough, I relapsed. I finally reached out to Arlene when I truly felt I had enough of the insanity. Arlene cares; she has an extraordinary passion for recovery and incredible empathy for her clients and our challenges. She has helped me to finally believe that I can do this. Arlene’s enthusiastic approach and her use of effective relaxation techniques has made me realize that I am stronger than I believed before; I am in control of my body and I can choose to respond daily stress in different, more positive ways. I am happier, stronger and I have a tremendous amount of hope for my future.”

– Diana T.

“Arlene has opened my eyes to how powerful the imagination can be and with training it, how anything can improve in your life. For me it was my cravings. Throughout our visits, she had me repeat “I control me”, and from that we experienced how my mind won’t wander and take control unless I allow it to.”

– Alyssa A.

“I don’t know how to thank you for saving my sons life you are coaching and counseling him to be sober and honest with himself regarding his recovery.

You have also taught about enabling much damage you can do an addict must reach rock bottom then he has the option of coming back to a sober life. With that comes truth and honesty which is a new way of life for him thank you again for all that you were doing and if anyone ever needs this type, contact Arlene. She save my sons life thank you.”

– Ritaa

“Approximately 1 year ago I was introduced to Arlene Sherman through The Shores Treatment and Recovery Center. On top of my addiction to pain killers, I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and was suffering from chronic, physical stomach pain. Using Arlene’s hypnotherapy and stress management techniques I learned about the mind body connection and how it’s application can relieve my pain. I was also given a CD Arlene had created that specifically targets my gastrointestinal disease and advice on over the counter supplements to aid in this process. The CD taught me relaxation techniques to relieve the stress that was in turn negatively effecting my stomach. After approximately 3-5 hypnotherapy sessions with Arlene coupled with listening to her soundtrack in the evenings, my stomach pain was reduced to discomfort. This relief in turn reassured my belief in the ability to have power over my body with my thoughts. The discomfort turned to full relief soon after and not only have I been able to remain sober but for the last 9 months, I have not experienced any problems with my Crohn’s Disease. Arlene is a God send! Her advice about nutrition, over the counter supplements, and especially her program of stress management and hypnotherapy exponentially helped my recovery and my overall quality of life. I am so thankful for what Arlene has been able to do in my life and I encourage everyone struggling with addiction or any chronic medical problems to see her!”

– Eric D.

“Arlene Sherman has impacted my life greatly by teaching me new coping skills to deal with life on life’s terms. I’m forever grateful.”

– Samantha D.

“I look forward to meeting with Arlene every week. I don’t want to say that I was weak-minded before I met her, but after having weekly meetings with her, I feel that my mind is more focused, strong, and most importantly, I am in control of my brain. Her words and the view she has on life makes me have more concentration when I meditate. Arlene makes me feel so much more confident and not just believe but understand anything I can honestly set my mind to in life, I can go after and have.”

– Jeffrey T.

“My name is Melinda Bloom and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Arlene (while I was at Wellington Way Recovery (for a month)). I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and seizures. Within the first two weeks I was there, I had 9 seizures and plenty of panic attacks. Sometimes they are what led me to have the seizures. Arlene began working with me on the panic attacks and seizures. I cannot even tell you what a difference it made in my life. We practiced breathing techniques and my thought processing as I would feel a seizure or panic attack coming on. I have never been taught how to relax and do deep breathing to calm my heartrate and change my thinking to avoid these panic attacks and seizures. Arlene’s advice and techniques helped me and prevented me from having any more seizures or panic attacks for the rest of the time I was at Wellingotn Way. I couldn’t believe it Arlene gave me one of her CD’s when I was leaving and I listen to it often and practice what she taught me. To this day, I have not had another seizure or panic attack. Arlene taught me that every day, in every way, I am getting better!! And she is right. I would recommend Arlene to anyone suffering from any form of addiction or anxiety or even seizures.”

Melinda B.


“Through Arlene’s calmness and wisdom, she has helped me with overcoming my addiction with alcohol and has made me honor my inner house.”

– Alice R.

“I had the great fortune of meeting and receiving therapy with Arlene during my alcoholism rehabilitation in Florida. I had been in therapy before but no one’s methods or approach had affected me so deeply and sincerly. Her directness combined with her sensitivity allowed me to accept my character flaws and embrace my true worth. Since my time in Florida, I refer to Arlene’s’ books frequently and recommend them to other addicts (and people that have relationships with addicts). I’m now miles away and by utilizing her CDs on relaxation and meditation, I continue my therapy. It’s as if I were still in her comfy recliner with our white noise in the background. As I continue working on my sobriety I know I am not alone, my therapist and my friend is only a call away. Arlene is truly a godsend.”

-Cary G., Charlotte, NC

“While dealing with issues of my alcohol addiction, I received from Mr. Sherman invaluable techniques and strategies to deal with stress and other factors in my life. Her therapeutic and calming treatment has given me a sense of serenity that I never expected.”

– Stacey W.