I can handle what I am boozing/using

I can stop whenever I want

Drinking or doing drugs do not harm my career, relationships, or anything

I don’t need help

I can be a social user

Might as well use; things are not working out so great anyhow

All lies, like these and others, are setting you up to relapse.

Learn to assess your bullshit meter for what it is quickly! You absolutely know when you are starting on the slippery slope that leads to relapse.

Look over the lie list again and rephrase the sentences to reflect the truth: you cannot handle substance abuse. You cannot stop whenever you want. Boozing and using definitely does do harm to you and everyone with whom you interact. You do need help.

Contradict the lies in your head, and do it fast. There is no question but that you know when the addicted voice in your head starts to speak. Something has caused the play button to activate and start the same old, same old recording. That voice wants to take you back to that familiar place.

More lies:

No one cares, so why should I?

Everyone here is having a drink, why can’t I just have one or two?

My kids, my wife/husband, my boyfriend/girlfriend, boss is driving me crazy, so I need to calm down. I need to relax.

I’ve been clean for a while, I can have a little. I can handle this with no problem.

This annoying voice tempts you to give in, to give up. No matter, as long as you remember that you are the master of your actions. You are the decider of your actions. You choose. At the first recognition of the lies starting, at the first recognition of the false rationalization that you can have just a taste, just a small hit, react! You damn well know what is happening and what needs to be done. You have to face what needs to be faced.

Giving in is easy.

Fighting is hard.

Giving in will make you remorseful.

Fighting will make you proud.

Giving in is a step backward.

Fighting is a step forward.

Giving in is weak.

Fighting is strong.

Giving in is failing.

Fighting is winning.

Giving in is embarrassing.

Fighting is prideful.

Giving in is for quitters.

Fighting is for those who persevere.

Giving in is dying.

Fighting is for living.

Giving in is just for this moment.

Fighting is forever.

Giving in is the road to hell.

Fighting is the high road.

Giving in means you lose.

Fighting means you live to fight another day.

Giving in means you let down your guard.

Fighting means your guard is up and at the ready.

Giving in is poison.

Fighting is the antidote.

Giving in means feeling sorry for yourself.

Fighting is pushing through no matter the feeling.

Some things in life are worth fighting for, not just as addicts, but as human beings. The things that we fight for and ultimately win are the things we hold in the highest esteem.

“Easy come, easy go” is true. No real value is placed on those things that come to us without effort.

Do not walk away from a good fight. Stand tall.

Winston Churchill, the British statesman during the dark days of WWII when London was being bombed by Nazi war planes, said the following: “Never, never, never, give up.”

Embrace that statement, and make it your own.

Never, never, never, give up. Never, never, never, give in.