When I tell my clients that I know the most important question in the world, they give me that look. You know the look I mean. I let them know that I am fully aware of how presumptuous it sounds to have the nerve to say I know the most important question in the world. But here’s the thing . . . I do!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the most important question in the world. Is this good for me?

OK, so now really step back here for a moment and realize that this is the most important question. And you know what? It’s not just about using. Nope, it’s about the whole ball game. I named this chapter “The Most Important Question in the World, Again” because I have a whole chapter devoted to this in my first book in this series. Maybe take a look at that.

If you are getting into the habit of taking that deep breath before you react or respond, you can, in that little nanosecond, ask yourself this most important question.

What is really interesting about this is that you get an answer. Just like all those times you were about to do something you know you should not be doing, you felt that. You knew. You did it anyway, and truth is, those things never turned out to be very good.

My clients agree. This is the most important question in the world. There are those who have actually told me that this question has had an impact on behavior, outcome, and their happiness.

The time is now to ask yourself a few other questions. Such as, If not now, when? That is another important question. Can you answer that? When I ask that of my clients, especially if it happens to be a group session, there is a stillness that screams to me. I obnoxiously pick on someone and tell them they have to answer. I tell him or her that today is the easiest day you’ll ever have, and it’s hard. The truth is at hand. Today is the easiest day, and that is the truth.