There really is a road to recovery. There are actual directions to get to this road. There are some stops along the way for some, but not for everyone. Some people can go the distance without a stop, and not everyone navigates this road at the same speed. But speed does not matter. What does matter is keeping your eye on the road and watching out for things that might distract you, keeping steady.

Like any other road, you cannot take your eyes off it. Getting lazy, dozing, whatever can cause an accident. Sometimes the road is uneven or possibly has some detours to take you out of your way. Constant vigilance is required on this road, just like on any other road. Pay attention, and you stay safe.

The road to recovery is very interesting as far as roads go because you can locate this road almost anywhere and at almost any time. Another interesting feature about this road is that wherever you start, you start at the beginning and get a glimpse of where this road takes you.

The road to recovery’s beginning starts with your decision to come travel this road. That’s all there is to it. Just a decision to travel this road, this wonderful but sometimes bumpy road, is all it takes. Even though there are bumps, there are plenty of people riding with you, so you are never alone, never lonesome and never, ever lost.

So where do you find this road? The answer is wherever you want to find it.

Treatment, rehab, therapy, meetings, sponsors, recovery coaches: take your pick. Any and all of these are available to you, and they willingly take the ride with you. Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?

So where would you want your road to recovery to take you, or, rather, what direction will you choose to take? Certainly you have been on a different road for a while now, and you have started to look for the nearest exit. Interestingly, not only does this road begin when you want it to, but the other road, the one you’ve been traveling for too long, you know, the road that leads to nowhere, also has exits whenever and wherever you want them to be. Awesome!

Sometimes even in recovery, we do take an off-ramp, but be clear: an on-ramp is just a little bit up the road, and it is always within your reach.

So what will you do to get on the right road? I’m glad you asked.

First, you will take a good hard look at the road behind you. See if you like what you see. How is the scenery there? Not so pretty, right?

We don’t need to look far down this road; just a glance is enough is see where this road would lead you. I guess it really shouldn’t be called the road to nowhere, since it actually does go all the way to hell. To get off this road and get onto the road to recovery, you only need to make a turn. Yeah, a turn. Turn into a meeting. If you ever think you have nowhere to turn, you can turn into a meeting. Lots of people there are on the same road, recovering on the road to recovery. Even thought this road is long, it’s OK because the scenery here is nice, good. This road is clear and its destination is where you have always known you want to go. That’s right. Even in your weakest and darkest hour, you knew. Stop reading here for just a moment and take a deep breath and think. Think about the road you have been traveling and where it will lead you. Think now about traveling the road to recovery instead. Take another deep breath. Choose. Exercise your ability to choose. You absolutely have every ingredient to stay on the road to recovery as thousands before you have already done.

Come. Come to us. We are waiting for you. We are waiting to accompany you. What a wonderful ride!