Denying reality so you can keep using is common. Perhaps you have become an expert at lying and conniving so you can keep using. Maybe drugging or drinking is the only way you believe you can feel normal.

Because my coaching clients know that once they pass through my door and enter my office, they are in a no-BS area, sometimes I hear the truth. I say sometimes because even there, there is bullshit that flows easily. Lying is so ingrained, so much a part of what an addict is, that they don’t know any other way to be.

Even though they know that confidentiality is guaranteed in my sessions, some of them cannot get out of their own way anyway. Might this be you? Can you answer truthfully?

I named my hypnotherapy practice Breakthrough Hypnosis Inc. because there actually are breakthroughs, and when that happens, it is awesome. It is also painful and usually accompanied with lots of tears. Most of the clients have been to rehab multiple times, and I congratulate them for being here yet again. I remind them that multiple efforts are not failures, but instead an indication that they are not taking no for an answer. This simple statement has had incredible meaning for many of the people in rehab. It is a good example of perspective; how you look at it. A shift in perspective is a powerful thing when you have a substance abuse disorder. In fact, it is critical.

It cannot be overstated that once the truth starts to emerge, we are in a better place to start the healing, to begin the fierce battle that waits. After all, what is, is.

There are times when events from the past are ultimately spotlighted in the huge glare of truth. Many substance abusers had real need to be numbed from events that were best covered up, liquored up, drugged up. These events are best explored with the psychiatrist or their primary therapist. Once certain events were brought out in my sessions, with permission, I advised the therapist of our breakthrough. Without the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, all else is a waste of time.

The truth opens you to hurt, to fear, to embarrassment, not to even mention the dread of revisiting the past. But it also opens you to other things as well. You can feel better knowing that your particular dread is not unique. You can feel better knowing we have heard it before. You can feel better knowing that whatever it is can be overcome. You can feel better knowing someone really cares. You can feel better knowing you are not alone. You can feel better knowing that help and hope are there for you.

The truth finally being spoken has been called the lifting of a great weight, and it truly it is just that. No more hiding, no more lying, no more bullshit.

The saying “And the truth shall set you free” is true. Once you step out of where you have been and step into where you are going, there is a true sense of freedom. No more figuring out all that using entails. The lying, the stealing, and yes, even the dying, is past.
So come, step over this threshold. Tell your truth to someone. Do it in rehab. Do it in meeting. Do it in group. Do it with your sponsor. Do it with your coach. Just do it.