My clients know once they enter my office and I close the door, they are no longer in the democracy of the USA. My office then becomes a dictatorship, and I am the dictator. The room, by my decree, is the War Room.

They don’t know it quite yet, but they are the top general in tough battles to come.

Like any war room, there are plans and strategies to be made and executed. Everyone knows that you cannot win a war alone. How to conduct your operations and what operations are needed in order to win are planned. How to achieve objectives and how many troops are needed, etc., are established.

Battling addiction is war. Winning battles here and there does not guarantee winning the war. And winning the war is not the goal here anyway because this battle is never over. Don’t despair, though, because the goal is to get into the battle for recovery, and then the goal is to stay there without retreat.

War is hard, and in every war there are winners and losers. What makes the winner win? Well, let’s see. Being prepared, check. A strong belief that you are capable of victory, check. A backup plan for every contingency, check. A strong support system, check. A high level of discipline, check. The determination to stay the course, check. Developing the ability to handle resistance, check. Coordinated attacks such as meetings, sponsors, and recovery coaching, check. Using the full might of your resources, check. Defeating the enemy and taking control, check. Invading the enemy territory and be the occupying force, check. And a massive shutdown of enemy communication systems, check.

The general is within you. You command you, you control you. You are your authority. You are brave. You are determined. You have discipline. You have a war plan. You have a backup plan. You have an objective. You will fight to win. You will fight harder than you have ever fought before. You will direct the attack. You will do and be all of these things to ensure victory.

And if you do all of these things, how can you possibly lose?