Does it matter if something is your fault or not? It seems the answer is yes, it does matter. Realizing that getting hooked may not have been your fault does make withdrawal and recovery a tiny bit easier. But even if getting the problem was not your fault, keeping it is. So even though realizing your addiction is not your fault may only be a tiny bit of help, we’ll take whatever help we can get.

If you started using at ten or twelve years old, or even as a young teen, chances are, you were just being cool. And truth be told, you were accepted as just that: cool.

Youngsters have rebelled since the beginning of time. No big news flash there. It was just your bad luck that your “time” was in the midst of the biggest drug epidemic in history. Succumbing to peer pressure is, after all, a time honored rite of passage.

In the beginning, the fun part, the part that was bad, rebellious, forbidden, secret, and oh-so-cool, had nothing to do with future consequences. After all, you were just having a good old time, until one fine day, the good time got you. So pitiful, when all you thought you were doing was having a good old fun time.