In a word . . . everyone! That’s who. Yes, you heard that right. Everyone can stop using. Let that sink in . . . everyone can stop using.

In truth, it is not easy. The steps are not easy. It is an uphill battle; a steep climb to the top. But the path has already been forged, and it is there for you to follow. For starters, just go to a meeting. See who has made that steep climb. Talk to them. Talk to all of them. Listen to the stories that sound exactly like yours or even worse. This can be the start of your story into recovery. You will hear stories from people older than you and younger than you. You will be told that anyone can join regardless of age . . . anyone. You will fit in, be accepted, be helped; automatically and right away. No waiting period, no initiation, no charge, no expiration date. The diversity of people is eye opening. No one is immune to this addiction disease. No profession, no status, no wealth, no education, no background, absolutely nothing grants you immunity. Not even love. What power drugs have. That power is diminished as soon as you state you will do whatever it takes to reclaim your life and your sanity. That’s right, nothing less than your commitment that you will do whatever it takes is what it takes.

You will hear stories in AA and NA that break even the heart of the most seasoned abuser of drugs. Some of these stories are so heartrending, that you stand in awe of those who now stand in recovery. That person can be you. You, standing in recovery. You, standing up for yourself. No matter how hard, no matter how daunting, no matter except that you matter. All the help you want and need is available. Truly, anyone who wants to recover can recover. You are not too unique, too educated, too scared, or too anything else not to recover.

Sure, there are challenges that have to be faced. Sure, as I stated in the previous book, you will discover that just because you are in recovery, you find you are not prince charming or the belle of the ball. You probably will not win the lottery or cure a disease. You will, though, have your life back, and every possibility is possible. You will be straight, sane, sober, and clean. Let that sink in. All of these things will be you. Here is what you won’t be: you won’t be a junkie, a drunk, and all the terrible things that go along with that. You won’t have to steal, to lie, to cheat, to be dope sick, to risk your life and happiness. You will not risk souring your life.

You can stop using. Stop now. Be aware if you require a medically supervised detox that you get it. If you require that, do not attempt to detox on your own. That is dangerous.

Ask yourself, “If not now, when?” Really, when?