Everyone, that’s who. The first time I heard the Serenity Prayer, I had accompanied a friend to an AA meeting because she had just admitted to me that she was an alcoholic and did not want to go a meeting alone. I accompanied her and continued going until she felt she could go alone. Not only was I blown away with the prayer, but I was also blown away by the meetings themselves.

Here’s why. Where else could a person go in this world where they would receive immediate acceptance? Feel immediate understanding of your situation? Know and feel that people want to help you? I told my friend I thought everyone should be obligated to attend AA meetings, whether they were substance abusers or not! What a wonderful concept. No agenda except to extend a helping hand. What a better world this would be. Obviously, I am a big fan of AA.

Now for the Serenity Prayer. If you take it one sentence at a time and focus on the meaning, it absolutely can lead you to a calmer, better life.

“God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” Read that again out loud.

Mean it.

“Courage to change the things I can.” We all need courage to change things, and right now, you are exhibiting the greatest change: from user to a recovering user. It is a change you have the courage to do because you are doing it.
“And wisdom to know the difference.” Wow. Wisdom. That’s a tall order. From where does wisdom come? Experience, failure, success, all these build our ability to be wise. By paying attention and learning, by improving ourselves as human beings, we become wiser.

So make a copy of the Serenity Prayer and keep it handy. Read it every day. Live it every day, and become accepting, full of courage, and hopefully, wiser!