Cars and other vehicles have GPS systems to show them how to get where they want to go. Guess what? You have an internal GPS. The car’s GPS is short for Global Positioning System, while your internal GPS is much grander, much wider than just global. Your GPS stands for God Posts Signs. Wow, and does he ever!

God posts signs inside of you that you can truly sense. You sense when you are doing something or about to do something you should not do. As you travel along the road to recovery, the signs become clearer, sharper. As your mental fog starts to clear up, signs are easier and easier to realize, to experience. In other words, your GPS is more fully engaged. Actually, your GPS has always been engaged, but you were in a dense chemical fog, and so you couldn’t see past your need, your next high.

Think about this. There are times when you had a feeling about something. Possibly you had a feeling that you might be in some danger. Mere seconds after the feeling, you saw a real reason to experience this fear. Something inside of you alerted you before you had conscious confirmation. Call it what you will . . . interestingly, if you are female, chances are you would call it intuition, but if you’re a guy, you’ll probably call it gut or maybe you’d call it a hunch. I, however, call it GPS!

Part of recovery is about recovering your true authentic self. You know . . . the self you were before you started the chemical transformation. Once you begin to welcome yourself back, you will notice many things you put on the back burner while getting high was the main thing in your life. It’s really good to reintroduce you to you and to start to feel again.

The fear you experience about continuing to use is GPS. The glimmer of hope you experience when you think about coming into recovery is GPS. How many things could you list right now that was GPS, that are GPS?

Start telling yourself that recovery is the most important thing in the world to you. Program that into your mind. As you continually do that, pay attention to your ever-present GPS making itself heard louder and guiding you to what you recognize is the right path for you. Your GPS is your inner intelligence, your inner guardian, and your inner intuitive self.

Make no mistake; you are so much more than you know. You are stronger and smarter than you dare hope. Desire and perseverance are inside you, and you can tap into this limitless reservoir. Make your desire to come into and to stay in recovery the uppermost priority. Persevere, and your desire will be your reality. There is nothing and no one that can change you except you. Think about that, and listen to what your GPS is giving to you. Your GPS is a wondrous gift.